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Every year Shoot and Share Contest is opened nationwide to all photographers around the world. Each photographer can submit 50 photos into whatever category they want. There are 25 different categories. Thousands of photos are entered and millions of votes are casted. This year there were 583,150 photos entered and over 79 MILLION votes!! Last year was our first year entering and I didn’t know all the categories so entered in the basics; Maternity, Birth, newborn and babies/toddlers. By my surprise, we received 2 Top 30% badges AND a top 20% badge last year with three of our images! I was in disbelief. I told myself I would go all in for 2019.

Well, that didn’t happen. Haha! Our cord for my external drive for last year was gone and I was only able to submit 7 images (big mess up on my end). HOWEVER!! We kept receiving “love” during the competition. During the competition, you will receive notifications on when someone chose one of your images. No photographer knows which image is being selected until the very end. However, if you get a notification, you’re still in the competition. There are 12 rounds and then you go into the finalist and then the winners from each category. We kept getting notifications as each round hit and my heart pounded more and more with each week. When we got the notification that we went into the 11th round, I almost died. This is only our second year entering and I wasn’t even able to go all in. How could this be!? Well yesterday, we received the results form the competition and we’re SO happy to announced that we received 3 badges this year. Top 30%, Top 20% AND TOP 10%!!!!!!! All images were newborn related!! I couldn’t believe it!!! We are so happy with the outcome from this competition and are looking forward to next year’s to possibly go even further!!!!

We want to thank each and every one of our clients for choosing us and allowing us to capture these beautiful babies of yours!! Allowing me into your lives and capturing these special moments has been a dream come true for me. I couldn’t thank you all enough! <3 P I NITP I NIT








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