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From a maternity milk bath to a mommy and me milk bath! This was so much fun and I loved having the experience of having a baby join in on the fun for this session. Every vision in my head came to life during this session. Lydia stole my heart with her big brown eyes and I loved meeting new clients like Xiomara who immediately felt like family! I feel like I’ve known her for years.

Thank you, girl, for allowing me to do this session with you and your sweet baby girl. I hope you love your images!!mommyandme-5P I NITmommyandme-11P I NITmommyandme-14P I NITmommyandme-8P I NITmommyandme-16P I NITmommyandme-20P I NITmommyandme-21P I NIT

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What is cuter than little baby features?!?! I can’t think of anything! I love just seeing the little tiny toes, the long little fingers, and the pinchy little noses these babies have. They just melt me every time! Leanna was so itty bitty so her features were just every bit of perfection. I greatly enjoyed capturing these memories for this sweet family. I hope you love your images Christy and George! <3

Newborn FeaturesP I NITNewborn PhotographyP I NITleanna-16P I NIT

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Look at this beauty!! It’s so bittersweet when I finish editing these newborn albums because I don’t get to see that sweet face anymore. Teagan was so tiny and so precious. She fought sleep for awhile but when she fell asleep, she looked so peaceful! I hope mommy and daddy love the pictures! And I couldn’t help but share a sweet sneak peek of Teagan in her daddy’s arms <3


Booking Newborns for May-June!

baby-teagan-9P I NITbaby-teagan-12P I NITbaby-teagan-33P I NITbaby-teagan-36P I NITbaby-teagan-17P I NIT

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Oh my heart!! I have watched Kinsleigh over this last year and every session has been so bittersweet but none of them compare to the feeling I had doing this session. I was in shock (and still am) over taking these one year pictures of sweet Kinsleigh. I hope to continue to see this sweet girl grow and become a beautiful young lady! I have loved seeing this family every three months for the past year and watching not only Kinsleigh grow, but Lindsey and Ken grow into these amazing and loving parents. Kinsleigh sure is one lucky little girl! <3  I hope you all love her little sneak peeks!

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

kinsleigh-2P I NITkinsleigh-4P I NITkinsleigh-5P I NITkinsleigh-12P I NITkinsleigh-20P I NITkinsleigh-23P I NIT

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